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Twin Stars Stationery Collectible Set

Oomomo Store


Twin Stars Stationery Collectible Set is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Set Includes:
  • Notebook (A6/Twin Stars)
  • Soft Case (PVC/Polyester/Polypropylene/Mesh/B5/Little Twin Stars/22x30cm)
  • Pens (Water Ink/Twin Stars/Orange/Green/2pcs)
  • Pens (Water Ink/Twin Stars/Pink/Blue/2pcs)
  • Masking Tape (Twin Stars/800x0.75cm)
  • Stickers (Lines/Twin Stars/13.5x5.5cm)
  • Stickers (Twin Stars/13.5x5.5cm)
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