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TOHATO Heart Shaped Corn Chips (48g)

Oomomo Store - Toronto


TOHATO Heart Shaped Corn Chips (48g) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Oshiri Tantei is a popular anime series about a boy named Butt Detective who solves stinky mysteries. The funny-looking inspector�E¿½EE¿½E¿½E¿½E¿½E¿½E¿½E¿½E¿½fs face is shaped like a butt, yet he�E¿½EE¿½E¿½E¿½E¿½E¿½E¿½E¿½E¿½fs incredibly good at what he does. Crack cases with the Butt Detective while munching these potato snacks which come in packaging that has a maze on it. Each Oshiri face-shaped chip has a yummy sweet potato flavour.

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